Mikeyfied Fundraiser for Autism Awareness

A big thank you to Mikeyfied Fund for Adult Autism for inviting us to attend their 10th annual fund raiser at the Hippodrome in Warren.  It was a pleasure learning about the good work this organization does focused on care for families with autistic children and adults needing help transitioning into independent housing. Please contact … More Mikeyfied Fundraiser for Autism Awareness

Truancy Intervention Program

 We offer programs aimed at improving school attendance.  Greentree Counseling Center Inc, Inc. focuses on the whole person to create new strategies for personal growth, including school readiness, social skills, coping skills and learning ways to overcome challenges.  If you are a concerned parent, teacher or guidance counselor, call today to find out more.  330-372-2200. … More Truancy Intervention Program

ASAP Rally for Recovery

SO many people coming together to promote wellness and recovery.  What a credit to our dedicated community professionals that a stadium was filled with people talking to each other, sharing ideas and solutions and celebrating strength!  We are proud to be part of the movement for wellness in the Mahoning Valley.